MoonRiver Great Danes
The Kennel Name
My family is from Savannah Georgia, home to Moon River. Johnny Mercer, who is also from Savannah, wrote the song about the River and Andy Williams sang the song in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The now famous Bonaventure Cemetery that appears on the cover of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is located on the banks of Moon River and is where Mercer is buried. It is a beautiful and haunting place and the inspiration for MoonRiver Danes.

T Lynn Adams
I have had dogs all of my life. I grew up with my first dog Jolly, a standard poodle. In 1976 I got my first Great Dane, a black bitch named Babe and I was hooked. After Babe died, I was dog less for over 10 years as my weekly work travels made having a pet impossible. In 1996 I once again got a Great Dane, a companion Harl bitch named Pearl. Pearl needed a companion and this led me to join the local Dane Club. I bought my first line bred show dog and first Champion from Calico Rock. In 2006 I bred my first litter, and used the Kennel name MoonRiver. I am now an AKC judge approved for Great Danes and Juniors.

Paula Heller
Soon after Brooks & I married in l979, we got our first Great Dane. He was a wonderful companion and the reason that we still have Danes today. We fell in love with the Great Dane. In the late '80's, I began to go to some dog shows, met some folks that were willing to talk to me about Great Danes, and also realized that I wanted a “beautiful” Great Dane. I had seen Ray Cataldi showing Rumor at some shows in Houston, TX. I had no idea who he or the Dane were. Several years passed, and I called Mr. Cataldi to purchase a brindle bitch. At the time, he only had a fawn. So of course, I jumped at the chance to own my first “beautiful” Great Dane...Ch. Rojon's Rhapsody VSOP.

Our Partnership
We met in the late 90's when Lynn joined the Heart of Alabama Great Dane Club. We had a mutual friend Ginger Smith (of Calico Rock), and when Paula had a litter of Rojon pups, Ginger brought Lynn to see the available puppy bitch. Lynn fell in love with Rojon's Come What May. That began our friendship and ownership of dogs to the present day.

Our Goal
We have similar tastes and an “eye” for the same type of Dane. We strive to breed Beautiful Danes to the Great Dane Standard, to health test all dogs that we own, and to provide loving, stable homes for our puppies.